Comprehensive Industry Guide – From T1 to T3 and Caps

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What do I need to start with Industry?

  1. Your EVE Character(s), preferrably in Omega state as Alphas have only 1 building and research slot and horrible extra taxes to building.
  2. A bit starting ISK, I recommend at least 2 to 3 billion ISK as you will likely be building for the market.
  3. This sheet here for building ship hulls, I made this specifically for that and it will help you out a lot for doing your industry. If you have questions or suggestions on that PM me on discord.
  4. Have a someone to reprocess for you (join #industry-seeding on Discord and check the Pinned Messages, there are a few people who do reprocessing for a 1% fee which will still yield you way more profit than doing it yourself with bad skills or buying minerals from market). If you are doing a LOT of industry you might consider getting your own character, however keep in mind that the training for perfect reprocessing takes around a year for all standard Ores.

Tech 1 Industry

If you are building T1 ships or modules you can do this either in R1O-GN Azbel and Raitaru or in GQ-7SP Sotiyo, however, I highly recommend building hulls in R1O as they are very bulky and low ISK / m³. For modules you can go with GQ- Sotiyo or R1O Raitaru, however, if you are building in GQ- you have to make sure you have a way to get them to R1O cheap and without too high risk.

T1 ships and modules require only minerals which you can get out of letting someone reprocess ore, rigs require T1 Salvage. For building them you only need a Blueprint (no matter whether Original or Copy) of the certain item you want to build, however, in general you want to build with ME 10 blueprints as this is pretty much your profit margin you will get out of it. In general expect around a 10% profit margin on T1 items. For planning ships you can use the spreadsheet I linked above, for building everything else you can go with which is pretty self explenatory.

If you want to refine yourself you can either get someone with perfect reprocessing skills to do that for you or get the skills yourself, however, the last one is a VERY expensive choice.

If you want someone to refine stuff for you do the following:

If you decide to skill for that yourself at some point you want the following:

  • Cybernetics V (For the 4% reprocessing implant)
  • Reprocessing V (For higher reprocessing yield)
  • Reprocessing Efficiency V (For even more reprocessing yield)
  • All Ore Processing skills V (at least the one you want to use) (for additional 10% yield)

Training all those skills takes around a year for perfect reprocessing, a bit more or less depending on if you skill Mercoxite, Ice and Moon Ores as well. I highly recommend going for Cybernetics V first and plugging in +5 Intelligence and Memory implants to make the train shorter. Don’t reprocess any ores before you have the specific ore reprocessing to V because if you do it’s still cheaper to just pay one of the friendly reprocessing beans their 1%.

Tech 2 / 3 Industry

Tech 2 and Tech 3 industry is a bit different and more complicated compared to T1 industry as the base materials you need are not Minerals but Tech 2/3 components. These are made out of Composite Reaction outputs which is further described here. You can get the Blueprint originals for those Components in any NPC seeded station or in Jita. Those are researched pretty quickly (only like 48 hours for 10/20) but require some skills to do so.

Now that you have your components covered you need the T2 Blueprint Copy. T2 Blueprint originals are not available anymore, eventhough there are rarely some on contract at rediculous prices. Therefor you need to invent your T2 Blueprint Copy from a T1 Blueprint Copy.

For the process of invention you will need a Blueprint Copy of the T1 ship (for example this is the Thrasher for the Sabre). The Material- and Time Efficiency level of this T1 blueprint doesn‘t matter for the invention as the output has default base values. Those can now be modified by adding decryptors. Make sure to use the invention tab for the T1 BPC to see which is the most efficient decryptor. Invention takes up the same type of slot as copying and research so keep that in mind when you plan your slots. Regardless of which and if you use a decryptor you will need a specified amount of datacores of the types that are stated when going to the invention tab. Taking this into account, you will need skills for invention. Those are to be found under the Science category in your skill sheet. The higher the skills the higher the chance for inventing the certain blueprint, however, there is little point in skilling it beyond 4 as those skills will take a long time and don‘t affect the invention too much. For getting into T2 industry, having all the skills you need to 4 should be fine, however, keep in mind that T3 industry is a bit different there (see below).

For the invention you will want to go to a specially rigged Raitaru / Azbel / Sotiyo which has the Invention service available and bonusses to this as it will take a long time otherwise to invent those. The same applies to researching the Component BPOs and building the T2 components which are also to be found in the sheet linked above.

Now that you have your T2 Blueprint Copy you can gather the materials (T2 Components, R.A.M. Tech and Planetary Interaction outputs) and build it like everything else. The same applies to T2 Capitals, which are only the Jump Freighters at the moment, however, those require you to have Advanced Capital Components which have higher skill requirements and very high material requirements which will make you totally sad if you try to import them from Jita as the Composite materials for one Jump Freighter are like 500k m³ which is 2 JFs full of materials and therefor pretty expensive to pay someone to haul that in.

Tech 3 industry is pretty similar to Tech 2 one, however, you invent the T3 ship and subsystem blueprint copies from ancient relics (check the market section ancient relics for that). Usually you will go with the intact sections as those have the highest success rate and output, however, they are pretty expensive and I would not suggest getting into T3 production unless you have a lot of ISK to do that. Having that in mind, for building T3 ships you will need Advanced Small / Medium ship construction 5 (Small for T3Ds, Medium for T3Cs) and the Racial Starship Engineering skill to 5 as well (Minmatar for Loki / Svipul, Caldari for Tengu / Jackdaw, Amarr for Legion / Confessor and Gallente for Proteus / Hecate). Those skill take a good while to train up, however, the profit margin of T2 and T3 ships is very good and makes it worthwile.

For building T3 ships you will need to have the Blueprint Originals for it‘s components (or copies of those, however, you usually use BPOs of them as they are pretty cheap and easy to research) and T3 Materials, which are made in Hybrid reactions and can be bought on the market or reacted yourself.

Capital / Supercapital Construction

Capital and Supercapital production is pretty similar to T1 industry, however, you will have to create Capital Components from your Minerals and make Capitals out of those components. The component BPOs are very expensive and take kind of a long time to be researched to max efficiency, however, they are fast compared to the Capital ship Blueprint Originals which take ages to research to 10/20 and therefor are rarely researched beyond 8/14, especially because the installation costs and time requirements for that are getting rediculously high as soon as you hit ME 8. However, capital construction components are usually researched to 10/20 or 10/16 (10/16 because a full run Blueprint copy of those takes around 2 days with maximum skills and the additional 4% time reduction don‘t really help when you set the orders up at the same time every day.

Supercapital construction is pretty similar to Capital construction, however, it requires a lot more materials and a Supercapital shipyard installed in a Sotiyo. Also, construction of those is restricted in Horde for various reasons.


For hauling ores, minerals, hulls or large amounts of modules you generally want to own a freighter. If you don‘t have one or can‘t fly one you will likely get nightmares from warping back and forth in standard industrials. If you cannot fly a freighter you want to go with either a Tayra, as this is the T1 Hauler with the maximum possible cargohold, or a DST (Deep Space Transport), which is the T2 variant of the large cargo ships and has 50k to 62.5k m³ fleet hangar size.

If you are going deeper into industry you defenetly want to get a Freighter and might even want to get a Jump Freighter for getting stuff from and to Jita and from and to GQ-. For the time you don’t have that, check out the Industry / Hauling / Buyback Megathread and use services like Valhalla, SPAI or Karkinos (which are the 3 biggest JF services we currently have) or whatever pops up there at some point, however, for Freighting as for buyback stands: avoid zero collateral contracts as you can easily be scammed through these.

This section might sound pretty straightforward, however, there are a few things you should consider. First is: you don’t always get the quantities you need from a single market order which means the price of the ore you buy will likely be higher than the Evepraisal Jita sell value. This usually only applies if you are buying shit loads of one ore / salvage type, however, keep it in mind as it can screw up your calculations.
The second thing is more for the people who sell in Jita: it’s Skills. As for skills you will want to have the following skills:

  • Accounting V (Reduces Sales Tax by 10% per level)
  • Broker Relations V (Reduces Brokers Fee by a flat 0.1% per level)
  • Margin Trading IV (Allows you to set up orders without having the complete ISK in wallet yet, however, you still pay the rest of the ISK once the order is filled)
  • Contracting III (For a few more available public contracts because having only one sucks)
  • Cybernetics V (For the SP farm Implants)
  • Social V (Prerequisite for other Standing Grind skills and improved standing gain)
  • Connections III (To gain standings towards Agents faster for getting access to higher level missions)
  • Negotiation III (Very short train and gets you some extra ISK while grinding standings)

Those skills are there to grind up your standings to the Caldari Navy which is the corporation that owns Jita. This is if you want to go full retard on market trading / setting up buy and sell orders in Jita as it will take quite a while until it makes the investment in time (and ISK) back. For more info check this site which I have found pretty useful for that topic.

This skillplan covers all the above skills and adds the Gallente T2 Haulers to it in the end to top off 5 Mill SP. Those are pretty useful for hauling stuff around highsec, especially when running distribution missions to grid your faction standings as the cloaky haulers are very fast. For SP Farming you can use whatever skill you want. If you plan on using this char as Jump Freighter at some point and don’t want to use T2 Haulers start training into Advanced Space Ship Command V and Jump Drive operation instead of the T2 Cloaky Hauler. More information on Jump Freighters can be found here.

5 Mill SP Skill Plan
Cybernetics II
Cybernetics III
Cybernetics IV
Trade III
Trade IV
Accounting I
Accounting II
Accounting III
Accounting IV
Accounting V
Broker Relations I
Broker Relations II
Broker Relations III
Broker Relations IV
Broker Relations V
Social I
Contracting I
Contracting II
Contracting III
Margin Trading I
Margin Trading II
Margin Trading III
Margin Trading IV
Retail I
Retail II
Retail III
Retail IV
Social II
Social III
Social IV
Social V
Connections I
Connections II
Connections III
Negotiation I
Negotiation II
Negotiation III
Industry II
Industry III
Industry IV
Industry V
Transport Ships I
Gallente Industrial I
Gallente Industrial II
Gallente Industrial III
Gallente Industrial IV
Gallente Industrial V
Transport Ships II
Transport Ships III
Transport Ships IV
Cloaking I
Cybernetics V
Cloaking II
Cloaking III
Cloaking IV
Warp Drive Operation II
Warp Drive Operation III
Warp Drive Operation IV
Warp Drive Operation V

And last: You want this char to be an NPC Corp char due to highsec wardecs.

PHIL, also known as Pandemic Horde Industry and Logistics is an opsec group of people who are getting deeper into industry as well as getting alliance orders occasionally. More information on that can be found here.