Cyno.Up and Alien Residents Reminder

The English Speakers leadership wanted me to remind Cyno.Up

Cyno.Up and Alien Residents.
You are not welcome in their Space. Please do not be in their space unless you are saving their ships.
You have done an good job in responding to Ship saves in EN space please continue to do so.
Just remember you are not welcome in their space afterwards.
Here is a map to remind you were not to be.

Dont Be Here

This is for Cyno.Up Alien Residents only

Jack Marshal
Discord : [-RV-] Jack Marshal 瓜#0650
Teamspeak :

07 JKM

Just to note that EN leadership has not recently requested any such reminder where I’ve seen it. I’m one of the co-execs of one of the EN alliances.

Since everyone is a guest in YOUR space.
and Cyno.Up is not Welcome in YOUR space
and it was mentioned again by YOUR Exec about YOUR space
I thought i would remind My people to stay out of YOUR space.

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I am doing my best to Keep my People in Winter Coalition Space.

So I don’t see a request in there for you to remind people about anything. I see Ein putting one of the 2GTHR people straight about rules in our forums that he had misread.

And just a reminder that it’s not that AR weren’t welcome. It’s that they weren’t going to be allowed to do PvE. I can understand you wanting to keep your life simple though by extending that in to keeping your guys in Fraternity space. Winter Coalition space however does include our space so you if you want to avoid confusion you’ll need to adjust that phrasing.

I will not rephrase it… EVER