Coalition Update: What will be happening in the coming months?

Hello friends, its that time for a Coalition update.

The Goons fireside chat as well as the ‘Meta Show’ last episode, showed goons have some interest in WinterCo, Here is what they said:

Goonswarm will deploy a sig called “Goons expedition force” to the northwest, including two new doctrines that are typhoon and sacrilege with armor caps support. This is essentially a content deployment by far to sustain their hunger for PVP as allied people rarely give them a proper fight. They do not want to call this some kind of a rescue operation for their pets in Deklein abd make it an all out war. Our stance towards the northern war is the same. We care very little about the sov holder in the end or the attrition between the systems that will most likely happen. We go to the north to harden our FC team, line members wills to PVP and fleet quality. During the process, through our good fights with the northerners, we might actually find a truly friendly alliance in Branch/Tenal. However that’s just the geopolitics within the Chinese community that isn’t seen often with the rest of Eve yet. Here is what I want you to get out of these fights coming up. FCs will have many chances to sharpen their mechanics, as well decide if they want to fight in the north or the south.I’m confident that those will give you some content that suits our size. By the way nice number for our meeting last week. (81 people in EUTZ) I’m grateful for your endurance and willingness to keep going .

On the MetaShow, Mittani discussed our economy. As per his understanding considering that he’s pretty good at analyzing things on this scale, he believes after Detorid our command/ control level has grown massively, and by that, we must have a determined goal in mind to achieve. The other people in the chat also agreed we might be a potential risk to leave alone. On our impressive MER, He said ‘in this game, many alliances were accused of misconduct like RMT or botting, but it takes some serious organization to get to this production level.’ Their military leadership then analyzed it’s pretty hard to intervene based on their methodical placed cloaky camps plus bombers through drifter wormholes that we have already reached Delve level of aggressiveness. Based on all these factors they have decided to deploy their NGSA sig to our space. I’m familiar with it as a Chinese it’s called ‘people’s war’. A nationalized pap/isk reward system to assign line members camping in our space. Having already dealt with more than that in our last war, we will remain vigilant as always.

I have yet to find an English explanation of how exactly NGSA works.( If someone kindly helps me here. With a copy of their operational manual EN.) For now I can explain from my experience:

During the last northern war, NGSA camped Deklein for nearly half a year. GotG at that time had no proper organization or FC talents so they got beaten up and down by Goon’s premier sigs known as Space violence/ Reavers. As well as having their legendary FC Kendarr and Asher Elias (Bless Kendarr a true hero this game doesn’t deserve). As a combination result, GOTG was shattered into pieces. What they did was by using NGSA campers to bridge from NPC pure blind. This time by the weekend, the campers will come to our space. We do not know who would lead the campaign but their major staging will be ‘FDZ4-A’ an NPC station in Geminate. As well as through Delve home region by moving (mostly) through drifter wormholes. They will bring mainly, covert bombers and, T3Cs, in addition, some dreads support.

In response to this, we have a lot of leaky corners to reinforce:

  • You must have a cloaked cyno ship on grid with your supercarrier when you rat. This cyno ship has to be at least 120 KM but not over 200 km from your supercarrier. You will wait until FC’s order to light the cyno, this way we can easily save you 99% of the situation.

  • Most of the time our players park their cynos on a Fortizar. This will cost you the ability to save yourself because your cyno ship will certainly be dragged by bubbles into mobile cyno inhib’s range. [I have updated fittings in SEAT, replaced A type ENAM to C types.] Hopefully it will save you ISKs to get your cyno ship and characters. EHP doesn’t matter at a point when we can’t cyno in. I also changed the cyno ship fits so double-check for yourself.

  • Rorqual pilots I have several suggestions for your ship and your excavators:
    You are only vulnerable when you warp to a ping in the belt or warp to a structure unscouted. Campers will anchor bubbles on your route to the structures and you wouldn’t be able to PANIC. Or they might mass sensor dampen while you are at a ping spot so you wouldn’t be able to lock on a rock to PANIC. Remember industrial siege module gives you 100% ECM resist 80% dampener resists. If you are tackled, get into siege lock a rock and get ready to press the PANIC button. I have updated the rorq fit as well. They are now dual tank, with 3 large smartbombs. The large smartbombs will kill incoming torpedos and focused void bombs, mitigating cap pressure/ DPS. They are mandatory to have, this will, in turn, save your life.

  • More often your primary issue will be hostile bombers/T3Cs harassing your excavators, that said we suggest you get some fast locking sub-capital ships. I know most of you are watching the screen but a mandatory don’t be afk while you mine.

  • Regular carriers and sub-capital ratting ships will be the most affected group from camping. Hyperspatial rigs will not save you as the campers will warp faster landing on your next anomaly. Carriers regardless of fits will die to 30 bombers quickly. Again dong forget about armor tank to maximize efficient fit. Gilas or domis will likely die to even just 2 hostile lokis. I suggest to move yourself to lower pressured areas. I’m discussing with other alliances in drone to open up their space for you. Meanwhile Fraternity ,has an exclave in Vale of Silent where you can bring your subcapital ships to rat. It was a rental space but now under the new situation, I allowed all Winterco subcaps. The vale is great in terms of truesec/ DED/ better rat type, however, it’s closer to Goon’s FDZ4-A staging and skillful roaming players. I have no idea yet what will be like there so we will not allow carriers to that area yet. The ansiblex highway map to Vale is in the Red Light-Greenlight Light channel.

  • Another alternative direction will be Venal. We’ve set fortizars, logistic route to nearly every Level 4 mission station. Like all other profitable NPC nullsec space Venal is a challenge. This is your chance to organize corp level pvp closer to your size. You will find Russians, Test splinters, goon burner alts etc. This is no place for solo, you have to work closely as a team. Our ansiblex network also sends you to Venal in 4 jumps; you can reach most mission hubs in 12. There are plenty of money making guides out there for Guristas missions or Guristas DED.

  • Cyno Beacons are deadly. Do NOT jump to a system with campers. Beacons are only for fast response bridging subs.

  • Drifter wormholes now are more dangerous than they are valuable to us, so please roll them all. Drifter wormholes mass is about 750m KG +/- 10%. You should have a MJD for fast anpproach ta o the hole as you will land on the beacon instead of the wormhole. And a cloak in case drifters camp the entry.campskily for us drifter wor,mholes only spawn in systems with Jove observatory which our pioneers already organized a thorough list. Not so lucky though drone regions are super dense to a point it’s realistic to find all holes within blops range. Please focus on Oasa/Perrigen, maybe east malpais as well. Rolling will not be a complete or an absolute measure but it will cost hostiles more time. Frat will srp coalition members’ lost rolling battleships/industrial ships. We may get a permanent SRP link just for roller ships or send mails to me directly. nextorian

  • As a last resort, we will move your rorq/supers into R1O PH’s umbrintorange. We’ve sorted the necessary paper pushing but we won’t resort to it unless all other options fail, but I’m confident we will not fail. Being preparedis much different than it is to be worried. If we really end up in R1O I’ll set up ansiblex networks for you. Again it’s an option not officially decided yet, I will need your alliance executor’s approvals next week after goons arrive.

  • I’m confident we will be in good shape and in countering the pressure on our production efficiency. I have said this to our Chinese since a lot of them are new.
    We need to secure your isk/hr, especially for new players. Alliance cares the most for your experience in the game.
    The production procedures include several aspects, while NGSA can only cover the very first step.

  • It’s still up to alliance or you to convert your earnings into the flow of our economy. We will double our public moons in February, expanding vastly more in EUTZ. If you are in Frat under greenlight your regular carriers getregularp, nyx and aeon get 15b (per seat fit, with cyno alt) if we fail to save. Rorq srp is now 2 rorq hulls for all our coalition members.

For a summary, this will be the first real challenge after our move to Drone region. Alliance leadership will avoid mismanagement during the time; corp leadership is responsible to relay all the information to your members especially if they are new or back from AFK. Line members, please respect our rules for your use of cyno alts, fittings and all other precautions I have listed in this post. For alot of us this is not our first rodeo of harassment.

                Ths time the odds will be more and more in our favor.

nice job,dude :laughing: