June 6, 2023 EN update

Updates on FC evaluation, personnel change, and our doctrine list


  • Cyclone fleet issue is now an initial upgrade for muninn fleet. It hits harder than muninn therefore fit our combat scale. If our fleet size exceeds 100 DPS FCs should still opt to use muninns however in many cases CFI will provide the missing DPS number. CFI’s primary logistic ship is basiliks instead of scimitar. We will accept muninns merged into this fleet till market is properly seeded.

  • Osprey navy issue is added as an entry level roaming/skirmishing doctrine which replaced caracal. FC will decide per situation if they are to be paired with T1 or T2 link/logis.

  • No change to armor hac doctrine, keep training LV4 on all your ewar effectiveness skills. ECM/Tracking disruptor/Sensor dampener are vital components that makes the ahac doctrine powerful, without them ahac is subpar compared to other shield doctrine;

  • No change to Harpy;

  • No change to muninn; it is an effective N+1 solution sadly after many years;

  • No change to Tempest fleet issue, keep training towards T2 guns especially, L4 or even L5 ship hull skill level.

  • Ferox/Hurricanes are not reviewed for now. We recommend market seeders to maintain the stocking in 4-HW. They are versatile tools but not exactly competitive outside of our home region.

  • Eagle doctrine is being shelved. 250mm railgun is an excellent weapon but eagle can’t represent its previous glory after nerf. CN per their timezone exclusiveness will keep a vulture+Ferox navy combo doctrine. For EN’s timezone special we are going to rely on the following. Eagle buyback will start in July(CN is doing napoc buyback this month).

  • Ham Cerb: still quite cheap and effective in niche situations. Please make sure we have them and remember their primary logi is basilisk.

The following doctrines are dependent on FC’s availability. They are great tools but without proper FC involvement it’s a waste to keep them in the hanger. This is where we ask for more whaling/roaming FCs to step up.

AB kikimora

MWD covert ops drop bombers(torpedo)

4-HW should be stocked properly, the fittings are also presented just in case. However you don’t need to keep them constantly in your hanger for the reasons I stated above.

Pochven doctrine is not listed. I recommend you check out their sig.

Navy BC/BS line is a gold mine where we frequently encounter new fleet concepts. Fleet fights on our west borders are going to test them, luckily we will have strong support from the ally.

Last note: FCs used to ask me if they could test their ideas. The answers have always been yes but for simplicity FCs need to handout those ships. We will not blanket seed an experimental or content composition until it becomes official.

Also many props to our stager seeding team, logistic contributors and all those behind the scene people that made our life easier. We will not deduct your SRP till UMI market is properly seeded.

FC evaluation/ Personnel change

We are going to see our field marshal leaving. BJK has been dedicated to the better of our coalition for years. Whether or not you get along with him we appreciate his services, and wish him best luck on his new adventure. With him leaving, we are not going to set a similar role for now. FC ranks will not change either as from now. FC command, they are invite only. FC = FC strat, where you can be promoted with the new point based systems we measure someone’s performance and other considerations. Fc skirmish. We basically set no bar for entry about this level. You volunteer yourself with ceo’s vouch for a stable personality and team working mentality. That’s all you need to start FCing.

EVE isn’t another job but we have to be cautious about letting who take control of our game time. This is why this Key Performance Indicator is introduced. The measures we are looking at are public however each FCs total point is often hidden. Good deeds should be recognized; FCs will also know what the coalition expects. We are looking for dev time support to integrate the KPI system into our IT service.

Every metric has five levels from 1-5

  1. Unacceptable
  2. Questionable
  3. Could be improved
  4. Fits expectation for a T2/FC strat
  5. Exceed our expectation

We look for the followings:

  • Participation

Fleets done in total

Fleet requests done in total.

  • In fleet performance

Time management

Command clarity

Working with a superior FC/ other friendly fleets.

  • AAR

How well to produce AAR

How well to respond others AAR

  • Mechanics

Ship stats

Grid awareness


  • Personality

Reaction to pressures

Team work compatibility


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