FCON联盟会议录音 09/23/17


The meeting itself isn’t too long, most of the end is just Q&A.
cliff’s notes:
immensea is safe and open for ratting and mining again
All of our losses are just timezone issues and not really losses
cap fits are now going to be all-t1 except for ‘expert’ level fits
TRI is dead and not of any threat to us, also we need to start maxing out fleets at 256 again (also TZ issues)
PL is no threat to us
also don’t read reddit



We also killed a number of Fraternity fortizars in the past week(s).

If you look at the map of Detorid, we are slowly taking Detorid, but we are going to heat a massive locate, when we get to those system that Ranger Regiment and FRT have taken over because they rat it up to ADM 6 in their space like 5 days, we need to get that level you know. We need to make sure we do the same thing. We conquer space and we raise those ADMs to hold that space. That means we do not have to rely on our allies as much and we can do things ourselves in our good timezones.
如果你看Detorid的星图的话,我们正在缓慢的夺回Detorid,但是当我们去攻击被RR和FRT所占领的星系的时候,我们需要大量的绕点,因为他们大约5天就把他们的星系刷到了ADM 5,我们需要做到和他们一样,我们需要保证我们要做到一样的,我们占领星系,提升那些星系的ADM来保持控制,那意味着我们不需要太过于依赖我们的盟友,我们能在我们的时区完成我们的任务。

(heat a massive locate我不确定是刷ADM还是绕点)。

Q: Fraternity is growing massively numbers, do you see them as a looming threat on the scale of TRI.
A: I mean, you know Fraternity is getting big because as I understand the Chinese server is rumoured to be closing down. So that is why a lot of their players are coming over here. I see Fraternity is going huge they have got Fraternity, they have got a couple of their allies, they are here and they are getting quite big. Yes they will be a adversary we are concern about, especially because that timezone tanked. Now the one thing is because we are such opposite timezones. Any you know the treason between us and them is going to be extremely slow. Mostly is just because that timezone difference. The one thing they are a lot better than us, a lot better than us are doing is rising ADMs quickly. If you are looking at Detorid, they are taking space and make them almost impossible for us to entosis in about roughly 4-5 days, that is always take them to raise a lot to that ADMs. That means because of timezone tanking is extremely hard for us to take stuff back, on the other hand, it is extremely for them to win us timezone against us, because once EU time comes around which is our time mostly played, they all going to bed. We have a lot of good Australian FC at the moment? especially Jenny. We monitor the situation and we will come up strategies dealing with them I personally quite like their fighting style. I am not oppose to the Ideas having them live close to us skirmishing against them having a good time with that, we just need to make sure we are calm with the fact that they are there, they are big. They are in completely opposite timezone from us. So any fighting we do against them will be a slog through the mud. If I need you guys remember the Wicked Creek, that was a bit of slog. We just need make sure that we go into any potential war against them, we start to try to take the time from them. It is not to be a funny game. It is not to be big fleet fight. Its gonna to be we form big they form small, they form big we form small, back and forth until finally mid timezone we get to fight.









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