Translation of the Noraus Quatations

This post is the translation post of
Original title of that post:The good quatations of great leader NNN(Noraus).
I hope the en players of WinterCo can feel happy in this post.
I will translate ten every day,Probably.
Most of quatations happened in QQ(The biggest communication software in China)
I hope I can help the constructions of through this post.

How to call for help to CN:
Modify the template and send it to warning channel ,fleet channel ,alliance channel and anywhere you think there are Chinese.
我是[Your ship visual],我在[You Location],敌方是[quantity][Enemy Ship Visual],我有/无伴飞诱导,我在[Which Standing Fleet],请求救援,我是EN玩家,我无法使用CN的Mumble,请用英文与我交流。
Translation: I am [Your ship visual] , I in [You Location] ,enemy are [quantity][Enemy Ship Visual] I have / dont have cyno , I in [Which Standing Fleet] , please help me ,I am EN player , i cant use CN’s Mumble please communicate with me in English

If you forget this template ,you can directly call for help in English ,do not worry ,MOST OF CHINESE OF WINTERCO CAN SPEAK ENGLISH ,they can report you need help and ping a rescue fleet to rescue you.

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I'm a killer without sentiment
Good Job!
I am in Jita , how do I get into the wormhole , I am battleship and I am fatty.
Barghest:The battleship of Mordu’s Legion
I don’t know how to translate this to English , because this uses Chinese homophonic stem
Don't interfere with my sex, OK
I am willing to exchange LaoLi for the three months tax of AOM.
Don't you kiss me

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Is there any woman spy to corrupt me
You are very noisy this morning!

“动”can translate to move, shift ,stir ,use ,but here are hint at sex , so i translate 动 to sex
If I say I am a turelove warrior ,would you all fucking go to hell
纯爱战士:Turelove warrior ,refers to somebody who like turelove and hate Ne To Ra Re.

Eight honors and Eight disgraces:Meme, a Chinese political advertisement ,it was common during the Hu Jin Tao period ,it has become less common since Xi Jin Ping period.
Tieba:Chinese reddit.
Bark bark , bark
汪:mimetic word ,the dogs’ yell
He's actually thinner than me.
Size ,Time
Obviously referring to the penis
Motherfucker ,our friendly forces retreat so fast!

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重拳出击:Heavy fist attack ,refer to suppress with absolute force.
Fart! Am I the kind of person who watch pornography of My Little Pony
My Little Pony was also hot in China ,and many Chinese like it ,for example ,a corporation of Fraternity named My Little Pony.
Help! I am ganked!

Hello Boss N.
Ying Your Mother!
嘤:Ying ,mimetic word ,the sound of crying ,somebody acting cute through Ying Ying Ying.
We will have Nightmare doctrine ,you must study the skill of Nightmare if you have more 50M skill ,if you dont study I will kill your all family.
Tips:Both WC-CN and WC-EN do not have Nightmare doctrine ,but our emeny AOM have Nightmare doctrine ,it is may be AOM’s screenshot.
Hello ,I inform three things now  We have a meeting this saturday , and I will sell Fraternity.


Are your testicles are on your face
蛋:egg ,refer to testicles in Chinese slang
Beg me.
Do somebody play co-op with me
Co-op:May be refer to certain game ,I guess it is StarCraft II
Fuck! It is a man ,I have been cheated!
Play EVE junk game!
Prepare quit your corporation.

You can prepare to become white.
You should be finished!
凉:refer to cold ,construed as corpse cold ,I translate 凉 to be finished.

Alliance SRP your girlfriend.
I am on the bed
Looking for a sugar daddy
Over ,All over
Say your mother!
烧纸:burn ancestor money ,a Chinese traditional custom ,Chinese think that can give dead relatives money through burn ancestor money.
Sex is needed twice a day

We are dissolved

Do you need me to send you to AOM to experience life
Give me your all information in 5 minutes.
I can fuck 2 young married women 30 minutes.
If you took the time that you waste in QQ group to earn money ,you should have three 365 omega account.
Prepare for somebody die.

Meme:Put on a green hat is a Chinese slang ,refer to Being cuckolded.
Stupid if you send that again I will castrate you!
To die in quite.
Until I wake up you do not finish off alliance.
Why many anime sexy image here
2次元:Two dimensions ,refer to anime or anime enthusiast.

@anyone Maybe you did not know this before ,if you rumored ,I would kick you.
OSY community is the predecessor of Winter Coalition.

二次元:Two dimensions ,refer to anime or anime enthusiast.

Mother Fuck do I have entering a porn channel

You are very poor ,go to ratting now!
You will be the next CEO of Chuangshi.

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