Cosmic Anomalies: Combat sites to run:
异常空间 - 战斗地点推荐

For the Pirate Factions (Angels, Guristas, Sansha, etc…) there are only three recommended anomalies that should be run while you’re carrier ratting.

Havens (Rock Havens*) 星门避难 (有石头的星门避难)
Forsaken Hubs 被遗弃中心
Sanctums (Ring Sanctums**) 圣坛(有环圣坛)

In the Drone Regions there are just two recommended anomalies that should be run while you’re carrier ratting.
Hordes (Ring Horde**) (无人机群)
Patrols (无人机巡逻)

This is the recommended priority in which you want to run sites. You’ll have to judge for yourself as the analysis of worth was done by others.

  • The trick to find out if a Haven is a Rock Haven and not a Gas Haven is right click → warp to → ctrl+space to stop the ship. If the Haven in question is a Rock Haven, you will get a pop-up saying “I have detected a stargate nearby” – if the pop-up does not appear, right click and ‘Ignore’ that site as well, do this with all the Havens before you start ratting, so you only have the Rock Havens and no Gas Havens in your scanner.
    判断星门避难是石头避难或者是气云&炮台避难的秘诀是 右键 -》跃迁到 -》 ctrl+space停船 如果星门避难是石头星门避难,你将会收到弹窗提示 “我侦测得到附近的星门” 反之亦然

** There is no trick for Sanctums or Hordes, you have to warp to all of them (ideally in a fast ship) in order to find out what they are.
圣坛和无人机群 无法用弹窗取消跃迁分辨

When you undock in your ratting system, the first thing you should do is open your Probe Scanner with all the signatures, start by sorting by name and then ‘Ignore’ all the sites that are not one of the types above. Now you only have sites you are interested in and if any new signatures spawn you will see them.
当你从开始在星系刷怪时,首先要做的事就是从扫描上过滤除避难,遗弃中心, 圣坛之外的所有异常 你只对三种异常有兴趣

After getting the signatures you want listed, you should sort by ‘Distance’ so you get the closest ones on top.

Your DPS = Fighters:
Load three full squads of Light Fighters, that is nine fighters per squad, plus carry five to ten spares. It’s also recommended that you have a squad of Dromi webbing Support Fighters, they are a nice ‘In Case of Emergency’ squad to have to slow down interceptors.

Faction → Weak to → Recommended Fighter
Angel Cartel → Explosive → Einherji
Blood Raiders → EM/Thermal → Templar/Firbolg
Guristas → Kinetic → Dragonfly
Mordus Legion → Kinetic → Dragonfly
Rogue Drones → EM → Templar
Sansha → EM → Templar
Serpentis → Kinetic → Dragonfly

Warp Speed Implants:
The recommended implants for carrier ratting are the ones that give you an extra boost to warp speed. Like one of the ‘Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ Warp Drive Speed WS-’ series which go into Slot 6 or the other option would be a Mid-Grade or High-Grade Ascendancy set.

• WS-605 (approx 1mil ISK)
• WS-608 (approx 6mil ISK)
• WS-610 (approx 25mil ISK)
• WS-613 (approx 100mil ISK)
• WS-615 (approx 175mil ISK)
• WS-618 (approx 550mil ISK)
• Mid-Grade Ascendancy Set (approx 1.5bil ISK)
• High-Grade Ascendancy Set (approx 6.5bil ISK)

“How To Carrier Rat and Get DANK Ticks!”
So you now have a fully fitted ratting carrier, with three full squads of the appropriate Light fighters, maybe a Warp Speed Implant, a solid Intel Channel, you are on Comms and in the Standing Fleet, you have a PvE channel for the System you are ratting in to call out the site you’re planning to run, and you have sorted your Probe Scanner so now you only have the appropriate signatures in there.

Module Management:
• Load your preferred scripts (Optimal, Tracking or empty) and activate your Tracking Link modules, keep them running constantly.
• The Networked Sensor Array (NSA) should not be left running, cycle it when the first wave spawns and from that point on you should start a cycle when you have your fighters target the last rat in the wave. You can right click the module and toggle the auto-repeat to OFF so that it only cycles once each time you activate it.
• Only pulse your repair module when you have lost enough EHP to warrant a cycle.

Warping and Landing:
• Always warp in at range 70km to 100km, whatever you’re most comfortable with.
跃迁至 70KM 到 100KM 之间
• After landing the first thing you do is ALWAYS align to your ‘Safe’ (Keepstar, Fortizar, Safe POS, Station, etc…)
跃迁至位置后, 第一时间朝向安全点(星辰,堡垒,POS,空间站等等)

Fighter Management:
• Fighters are controlled in a special way compared to drones, you may want to practice with this before jumping right into carrier ratting. 废话忽略
• Check your drones Optimal Range and then set your Default Orbit under that distance appropriately.
• Down where your Modules are, you can toggle between modules and fighter control panel, when on fighter panel click the square below that and detach the fighter panel, move it to where it’s comfortable for you, ideally to a spot where your mouse movement is minimized.

Fighter Movement:
• You want to move your fighters ALL the time
• When you land, you launch your fighter squads, ensure they are all selected, press “Orbit” and click on a target or object, this should make your drones move towards it and start orbiting, this is the reason we put our default orbit under their optimal range.

• Because you landed at range you should engage the MWD on your fighters, this can be done manually, or if you marked all 3 squads you can just press F2, shortcut for MWD.
强调舰载机 按MWD - F2 靠近异常里的怪

• An important thing to note is YOU have to make your fighters be constantly moving, each time they kill a target they slow down to a standstill, which means you have to press “Orbit” and click on the new target after each kill, the good thing is you can have all 3 squads marked, but only the squad that is not actively engaging something will follow your orbit command.

• This mechanic is important, the time it takes from one gun-cycle to the next is enough to let your drones take damage, even die, if you keep this “Orbit” movement up your fighters will also reach targets earlier and be orbiting when the gun is ready to cycle.

Kill order for rats: 攻击顺序
Frigates → Destroyers → Cruisers → Battlecruisers → Commander BS → BS

Recommended engagement:
• Frigates 护卫: 1 Squad, Guns only
• Destroyers 驱逐: 1 Squad, Guns only
• Cruisers 巡洋: 1 Squad, Guns only
• Battle cruisers 战巡: 1 Squad, Guns + 1 Volley
• Battleships 战列: 3 Squads, Guns + 1 Volley from each

Aligning and warping:
• When you are on the second-to-last wave, you should start aligning to your next combat site instead of your ‘Safe’.
当你在倒数第二轮时候,就可以朝向下一个战斗点了,不用再朝向安全点 (有白进入例外)
• You should Claim it in your PvE channel and make sure no one else did it first
• Attempt to claim and align to a signature that is close to your current one for reduced travel time.
• When you have killed the last rat, recall your fighters, press F2 for MWD and they should return to you quickly.
刷完,收舰载机按F2 MWD
• Once they are in, you warp to the next site at range, rinse and repeat.




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